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A selection of 

trompe l'oeil pieces

in a variety of forms, 
with a range of functions

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Fake Raw Cracked Egg Handcrafted Faux FOOD
Photo PROP Staging Home Decor



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Real Paper Book Locking Booksafe with Key Lock Dictionary Secret Hidden Safe (Les Miserables)



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APPLE CINNAMON Air Freshener Can Safe stash hide cash box jewelry money diversion safe
metal bank



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(50) Prop Narcotic Xanax
Xans Zannys Pills -
Movies or Music Video Drug Scene


$50.00 + $6.10 shipping

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Discreet Sensations
Vibrating Hairbrush Plus
(Package of 2)



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Fruit Basket Centerpiece

formed as a basket turned on its side from which fruit including
grapes, strawberries, cherries,
pears and apples spill

marked on one leaf M. Buccellati
length 13in., 33cm
last quarter 20th century

Chap Lip Diversion Safe Stash Can


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ProScale Optical Mouse
Safe & Scale All-In-One USB Optical Mouse 100g x 0.01g Integrated Scale



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Paint Can - Yellow - Spilled



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Lipstick Vibrator - Discreet Sex Toy Hide Your Adult Massager Product 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
on Sex Toy!!!


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Secret Flask Looks Like
an Ice Pack. Great Hidden Flask for Coolers, Discreet Flask for Work, and Disguised Festival Flask. Also a Reusable Flask and Disposable Flask


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You Can Hide It Hair Spray
and Bug Secret Flask Combo Pack, 12 oz


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CG-500 Scale, Disguised as
a Real Pack of Cigarettes by AWS



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Smuggle Your Booze Tampon
Flask and Funnel 2 Piece Bundle



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Centrum Diversion Safe


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Chameleon 420
(Blue Case /White Screen) Diversion Safe Stash Spot
Great for hiding hookah herb,
Raw blunt or zig zag rolling papers, and glass pipes



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Advil Liqui-Gels Diversion Safe



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Fake Joke Bar Spill
Of A Drink And Ice
On A Hand Of Playing Cards-- looks Real!



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Clorox Bathroom Bleach Foamer Spray Diversion Safe
(Working Spray Bottle)



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A trompe l'oeil parcel-gilt silver basket, Petr Loskutov, Moscow, 1884

cast as a wicker basket draped with a linen cloth, pierced border, ropework handles, circular spreading foot, 84 standard, the foot possibly associated and struck with St Petersburg town mark, German standard 14 and GD (Latin), possibly for a German retailer or importer 

length 37.5cm, 14 1/2in.

Hidden Safe Fake Household
Surge Protector Decoy



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Fake Coffee Spill On a Teaspoon Handcrafted Fun Prop Gag



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UNISHOW Hair Brush
Diversion Safe Can



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Arizona Green Tea
Diversion Safe Can Stash



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A Minton trompe-l'oeil dish of pea pods
circa 1835

the center of the footed and pierced
gilt-edged dish arranged with a mound of green peapods and scattered blossoms and leaves

diameter 7 1/2in., 19.1cm

Black Secret Hidden Stash Watch -
2 in 1 Watch with Secret
Storage Compartment...



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Proscale Weighzr 500 Pocket Scale



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Dog Bowl Of Water


Bowl of water for the dog?
If he's imaginary, then YES.


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Ladys Pink Skintimate Shaving Gel CAN SAFE stash diversion
hide cash jewelry box


$12.91 + $4.65 shipping

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Iphone Flask Smart Phone 4 Oz. Pocket Flask Realistic
Smart Flask Design



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A group of Dodie Thayer pottery
lettuce ware part dinner service
57 pieces

en suite with the preceding lots, comprising: two large dinner plates, twenty-seven dinner plates, thirteen salad plates, two bread and butter plates, a trompe-l'oeil plate applied with sliced lemons, a circular serving dish, two double bowls, a triple-bowl, three bowls, four tureen stands in two sizes and a small tureen cover, impressed marks

BOLT SAFE! New! Diversion Stash Hide Valuables! Clever Design totally stealth!


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Smuggle Your Booze
6 Oz. Hairbrush Hidden Flask


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(50) Prop Narcotic (M30) Oxycodone 30 mg Pills -
Movie or Music Video Drug Scene

$65.00 + $7.85 shipping

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Attribué à Jean Pillement

Huile sur sa toile d'origine

Attributed to Jean Pillement 

Oil on original canvas

LYON 1728 - 1808
38 x 54 cm ; 15 x 21 1/4  in

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